Invite Kathy Beckwith to Inspire Your Organization!


“Two Passions for Peace & Justice: Kids Mediating for Kids and A World Beyond War”

Kathy Beckwith will share stories from her experience working as a school mediation trainer and mediation coach for over two decades. She says, “Youth are amazingly creative and compassionate, and become heroes when we give them the tools to resolve conflict through mediation. And the ‘heroes’ are not just the mediators!” Yet Kathy has also learned through startling conversations with youth, that they and their attitudes toward violence are impacted deeply by their picture of war – one she believes is more hype than reality, and is undermining the work of learning to resolve conflict without violence - in our homes and schools and in our world. Kathy will share some of the research she has done for her book, released in December 2015, A MIGHTY CASE AGAINST WAR: What America Missed in U.S. History Class and What We (All) Can Do Now, and will challenge us with questions that she believes can change the world.

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                 toolbox    Toolbox Skills for Today    parrot              


A parrot is a tool? No, but it is a reminder of the #1 top communication tool that helps us really listen to others. Parrots repeat what they hear. We don’t “parrot back” what someone has said, but we do “Bounce Back” for them. We listen and then put in our own words, sincerely, what we’ve just heard them say. That keeps us from responding defensively or in anger. It also lets us make sure we’ve heard correctly, and it lets the other person know we’re listening and want to understand their viewpoint. That changes things!

Instead of saying, “Come on! I was only ten minutes late. It couldn’t have been that big of a deal!” you can Bounce Back what they said: “So when I was late, you were worried that I might not show at all, and you were counting on me to be there to help you set up the display?” Give them a chance to say more. Keep listening and Bouncing Back until you know they feel understood. I keep a paper parrot on my kitchen wall to help me remember to Bounce Back instead of Pounce Back.