Kathy Beckwith


Latest YA Novel

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Challenging – with Questions
Encouraging – with Vision
Empowering – through Skills
Inspiring – Through Stories
Energizing – Through Fun
Working together with youth & adults, so we all keep learning.


Kathy sings “Child of the Earth”

© Kathy Beckwith 2010
Lyrics and melody written by Kathy Beckwith
Music co-written and song produced by Daniel Eon(P) DiverCity Music
All rights reserved.


About her work with youth, Kathy says…
“I’ve seen youth in action – their amazingly creative ideas, their caring, their energy, their loyalty, their humor. I’m honored to work with them, to help them discover more of their potential, so that they have so much fun doing so much good.”

About her work with adults…
“I seek to empower adults to find ways in which they can inspire youth – their own children and others – and themselves, to become powerful, compassionate, and effective problem-solvers. I challenge us all to question the “habit of violence” we encounter, whether it be in our own lives, our community, or our nation.”