Quick Tips

Family Meetings – Why?


  • Conflict is a part of family life. Even if unnecessary conflict is minimized, there will still be many instances of conflict needing worked through.
  • People (children and adults) learn by doing, and learning how to resolve conflicts is one of life’s most useful skills. Problem-solving in family meetings uses skills in listening, describing, Bounce Back [paraphrasing], brainstorming, evaluating ideas, cooperation, empathy, consensus building. Training for life happens as problems are solved in the family meeting.
  • Designating a time and place for problem-solving allows for cool-down, hopefulness, using procedures that are known to work, and puts everyone at their best, rather than reacting in the moment of stress.
  • Group decision by consensus can bring creative, effective ideas that no one thought of previously.
  • Consensus decision making is known to have a good compliance rate.
  • Children learn to see themselves as capable problem-solvers worthy of respect.
  • Adults don’t have to be the experts on what will work; adults can tap into kid-help with concerns they bring to the family; they build a relationship of trust, respect, and cooperation with their children.
  • Refreshments taste good. Smile